Being asked to wrap Toby & Shelley’s car with their ‘The Cove’ branding was a real treat and one I was lucky enough to be given full creativity on. This was the result. Partly blacked out rear using the Cove circular logo with accompanying social icons & business details. The result was a simple design with a big impact that’s got so much great feedback. Bring on the next!




Rebecca Newman wanted to brand her Mini to create a rolling advert for her business. Instead of the usual add company name, details, logo and leave it at that, I wanted to create something different that didn’t immediately look like a branded car. Mini are fond of their ‘edition‘ cars so what was created was the Newman Edition Mini. Custom company colour stripes for bonnet, boot and sides with the N icon embedded in them and the only text happens on the rear of the car. Still my favourite vehicle brand and a great one to end 2018 with.

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Pebbles of Salcombe were looking for a new look for their vehicle fleet. They’re blue/grey brand colour would look great as a full wrap on their vans in the usual gloss finish but in matte, it’s not only great looking but totally unique to anything else on the road making it not only a utility vehicle but an eye catching rolling advert for the business. What more could you want!




Astro to Atlantic asked me to design their team logo but also to design their boat and make it individual to them. This started with an Atlantic map with overlaid logo and a bespoke designed name panel both placed on the stern. Both cabins were then wrapped chrome and the shard design used on the name panel was continued along the hull using custom cut blue & chrome. The result is a stop and stare finish that the team loves!




One of the coolest projects was being asked to put a logo and brand you’ve worked on onto a racing car! Swallows Racing chose 2 awesome colours from 3M - Dragon Red & Green Envy which combined with bold numbers looked fantastic. Can’t wait to do this again.


Marine WRAPping


Ever thought about having your boat or other water craft wrapped? Not something you see often in the UK but a perfect way to not only change the look of your boat entirely but also protect it from staining and marks that occur. The owner of this Boston Whaler went for a matte satin ocean blue from 3M and it looked fantastic and protected the hull for the season.




Another great project was branding the Beachbound Defender truck to create not only rolling marketing for the company but also to serve as a backdrop for events they attend. Keep an eye out for them!